Mold Removal

If you suspect mold infestation or have recently experienced advanced water damage, call the mold removal specialists at Englewood Emergency Restoration at (720) 808-0460. Our 24/7 emergency flood teams can be on site in 60 minutes or less.

Mold is a biological agent that can cause serious health problems, especially to the most vulnerable – children, the elderly, those with respiratory ailments of immune system disorders. There are thousands of types of mold which is why you should seek professional help to assess the scope and severity of your mold damage. Some molds can create permanent disorder up to neurological degeneration or death. Call us now (720) 808-0460

Mold thrives in moist environment which is why it often follows water damage. To remove mold effectively you should seek professional help because Colorado certified mold removal specialists like those at Englewood Emergency Restoration have spore detection kits and removal technology that isn’t available over the counter. We are equipped to provide you all of the tools necessary to remove mold, especially black molds the represent serious health risks.

Mold Remediation Services

  • Moisture detection and hygrometers with infrared inner wall moisture optics to check mold damaged walls, ceilings, floors and cabinetry for signs of dampness and moisture – even that not visible to the naked eye.
  • Professional cleaning and safe hygienic removal of all mold damaged drywall, ceilings, baseboards and floor coverings such as carpet or hardwood.
  • Sealing of structurally compromised areas to prevent spread of infection or compromising structural integrity.
  • Water extraction and professional use of commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to greatly reduce and mitigate all possibility of a mold colony spreading.
  • HEPA vacuum treatment to scrub all mold spores in your air conditioning duct work and return your air quality to Excellent.
  • Negative Ion Disinfection of every single surface in your home or commercial property will properly sanitize spore containing areas that may represent a risk down the road. Trust Englewood Emergency Restoration to offer you the best in hygienic, safe environmental conditions.

Call the certified experts at Englewood Mold Damage for immediate service or for a free consultation on services available for your Colorado project (720) 808-0460